AT&T Not working on a particular device

We recommend reinserting your SIM Card to reset your device and reset your network settings to refresh your connection. Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. Also, let us know what type of device you are currently using to better assist you with troubleshooting steps. 

Check for reported Outages in your area by entering your full address or provide us with your Zip Code so we can check the condition of your area towers. Check your current wireless usage to ensure that you have enough data to use or dial *3282# (*DATA#) to get data and text balances. 

Lastly, here is our helpful Troubleshoot And Resolve Tool to help you fix your cellular data connection concerns. You’ll need to navigate to Fix My Wireless>Sign In To Start.

For more information or any further support contact to the ATT support team or contact us.


Call US, for AT&T Not working on a particular device. We have been successfully delivering email services for our new and repeated clients.