CenturyLink Mail Cannot send or receive emails

Making sure your email address is entered into our system correctly is the first step. Even if you are very certain, it is still wise to double-check in case a single little error is keeping your mail from reaching you.

  • Go to My CenturyLink and log in.
  • Visiting My Profile
  • Simply select “Email Address.”
  • Look at the listed email address. Is that the address you’re utilizing right now? Look carefully for any mistakes.

You can reset your password if you can’t remember it to access My CenturyLink.

To have an agent verify or amend your email address if you are unable to login in to My CenturyLink, you can chat with us in its place.

Verify your email’s settings

Every email application has a variety of tools that might assist you in keeping track of your inbox. To determine whether your address book, mail forwarding, blocking, and filtering settings are the source of the issue, check them out:

  • Every email application has a number of options that can be used to manage your inbox. To determine if your blocking, filtering, address book, and mail forwarding settings are the issue, check them out:


  • You can reject emails from specific senders by using blocking. Check your “banned senders” list to see if one of ours accidentally ended up there. Unblock any addresses you come across that finish in @centurylink.com, @em.centurylink.com, or @qwest.com.


  • You can add the sender’s whose mail you want to receive to your address book or contact list. To ensure you get future emails from CenturyLink, add the following three email addresses to your address book: @centurylink.com, @em.centurylink.com, and @qwest.com.


  • You can forward all emails or specific emails to a different account using mail forwarding. If this is enabled, check the “forwarded to” account’s inbox to see if your CenturyLink messages have been forwarded there. Turn off the option to remove forwarded emails from the main account, if at all possible. Try disabling forwarding if you suspect that forwarded mails are still going missing in some way.

For more information or any further support contact to the CenturyLink Mail support team or contact us.


Call US, for CenturyLink Mail Cannot send or receive emails. We have been successfully delivering email services for our new and repeated clients.