CenturyLink Mail Not working on a particular device

If you are unable to work or login into your CenturyLink account or having trouble sending or receiving email, check for the below-given reasons:

  • Your internet connection isn’t working, number one.

Make sure your device is linked to a reliable and robust Internet connection before continuing with the error resolution process.

  • The CenturyLink Email configuration is incorrect.

Make sure the incoming and outgoing mail server settings are set up correctly if you use CenturyLink email with other email providers or third-party applications. This configuration is essential to keep emails flowing, both sending and receiving. You could experience problems when using your CenturyLink email account if it is not configured correctly.

  • Your CenturyLink email program is out-of-date.

Numerous fantastic features are available to customers of CenturyLink webmail. When not updated to the newest release, it will begin to throw errors. The CenturyLink application must be continuously updated as a result. You must do this by going to CenturyLink’s official website. You can install the available updates one at a time from within the website. Check to see whether the CenturyLink login problems have been fixed after the upgrade.

There are several upgrades available for various devices. Install the updates for your Android devices, for instance, if CenturyLink email isn’t working on your Android mobile. Restart your device after the updates have been installed, then try to access your CenturyLink email.

  • Security conflicts brought on by your firewall or antivirus program

Your Internet security tools, such as your firewall and antivirus software, may occasionally make it difficult for you to access your mail. They can consider the webmail to be a security risk and ban access as a result. In this case, you must set them up so that they prefer using your CenturyLink webmail account to access them. You can temporarily turn off your antivirus program to access your account. Re-enable it for your Internet security after the desired task has been completed.


For more information or any further support contact to the CenturyLink Mail support team or contact us.


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