CenturyLink Mail SMTP / POP / IMAP issue

Your CenturyLink email can be configured so that it functions on several platforms and with other email clients. We offer detailed instructions for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. As you follow the instructions for your particular application or device, you will require the POP/SMTP server settings listed on this page for all other programs and devices.

Please be aware that the login for your My CenturyLink online account is different from the login for your CenturyLink email.

  • Your email software (like Outlook, for example) can communicate with your email provider through SMTP, POP3, and IMAP (CenturyLink). Here are some concise justifications:
  • POP3 (Post Office Protocol)—As its name suggests, POP3 functions as the postal service. It is used to store your email.
  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)—SMTP is the method used to transfer email from one location to another, moving it from server to server until it reaches your computer’s desktop. An SMTP port is used to send emails over a network to their intended recipients. It would be the mailman if you were sending snail mail. Port 25 is filtered by CenturyLink to increase security. Find out more about filtering on port 25.

For more information or any further support contact to the CenturyLink Mail support team or contact us.


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