CenturyLink Mail Storage Issue

Any person’s CenturyLink email account could stop working for a variety of reasons. Some of these may be fairly simple to fix, while others may give you a really bad headache. Among the primary causes are:

  • Users of CenturyLink Email can send emails up to 20 MB in size, with a total storage capacity of 15 GB. If the storage runs out, the user begins to experience issues with email. Other restrictions include a 100-contact simultaneous sending limit.
  • Webmail has a 100 message per hour send limit.
  • SMTP sends a cap of 500 per hour.
  • 50 sends per five minutes based on IP.
  • Using the conversation filter, the user may keep track of the messages sent. To arrange the mail inbox, the user can also create multiple folders and subfolders. After that, you can send similar messages directly to the appropriate folder. The mail will act improperly if these filters are not aligned correctly.
  • The CenturyLink Email service user can also alter the system settings on their own. In the vast majority of situations, incorrect configuration settings are the main causes of CenturyLink email issues.
  • Additionally, the user can be using the incorrect login information when attempting to access the account.
  • The server for CenturyLink Email Accounts may now be unavailable or damaged.

For more information or any further support contact to the CenturyLink Mail support team or contact us.


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