CenturyLink Mail Suspicious activity

In order to protect oneself from spam or suspicious activity there are following ways to protect or taking preventive action against them:

  • Use a spam filter; this feature is available in most email systems. An automatic spam filter is built into your CenturyLink email.
  • Use and install a reliable antivirus application. Customers of CenturyLink High-Speed Internet are entitled to complimentary McAfee Security.
  • When you see unexpected or unidentified content in your email, proceed with caution.
  • Select the message, then click the “spam” button to report it if you get spam in your CenturyLink account.
  • Send a report to Spam Cop.
  • Report the email to the business, bank, or institution that it impersonates.

Unsubscribe from bulk emails 

This is a respectable technique to obtain your email address if you gave it to a business or website in order to receive a newsletter, product updates, coupons, or to enter a contest. Some businesses give you a service (website hosting) or piece of software in return for your email address and consent to receive marketing communications. Examples of bulk emails that are not spam include those ones.

In order to be taken off these mailing lists:

  • The sender’s instructions should be followed. The “unsubscribe” link is present in almost all email applications, however some are simpler to find than others.
  • In the email header, some email applications include an unsubscribe button.

For more information or any further support contact to the CenturyLink Mail support team or contact us.


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