Comcast Mail Cannot send or receive emails

  • Fix Internet Protocol Address

The email service has to be connected to the internet in order to function correctly. Fix it if necessary so that you can send and receive emails. Restart your router and modem if you utilize a Wi-Fi connection. Restart your device or check the network settings on it if you use a cellular connection. Verify that Airplane mode is not active on the device.

  • Delete the cookies and cache

Unforgettable reasons why Comcast customers aren’t receiving their emails include cache and cookies. To fix this problem, let them go. Your email account’s proper operation will be restored.

  • Don’t send more emails than the daily allotment

This problem can arise when people send a lot of emails. This may give the impression that you are spam. It then results in severe issues. Never send mass emails from a single account. Create a new account if you must, or wait a reasonable amount of time before sending emails.

  • Avoid Sending a Large Attachment

Users suffer Comcast not receiving emails problems as a result of heavy attachments interrupting email flow. Verify the attached file’s size. It shouldn’t go over the permitted limit. Avoid sending numerous large attachments all at once. Separate them into compressed files.

  • Disable Extraneous Plugins or Extensions

Your browser may frequently be loaded with unwanted plugins and addons. You will have this problem in this situation as well. The sending and receiving of emails is hampered by the extensions and plugins. Remove them from your device, along with any third-party software. Until this email issue is corrected, if you are unable to remove it, disable it.


For more information or any further support contact to the Comcast support team or contact us.


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