Does iCloud Email not function? Here is what to do

Even though email may appear antiquated, millions of messages are sent and received using it every day. An email account and email sending and receiving capabilities are offered by Apple’s iCloud service. You might occasionally be unable to send an email, nevertheless. An iCloud email error message can appear.

You might find that this is a difficult moment for you. The reason is that, in the present, where fast emails are highly valued, it is challenging to exist. Thus, it is impossible to disregard any iCloud email issue.

Why is iCloud Email malfunctioning?

Various issues lead to iCloud email not functioning. These are what they are:

  • iCloud addresses have issues

Apple is unable to confirm the validity of an email address on a different domain. If the email address for,, or does not exist, you cannot send an email to that address. Additionally, your app might not point out which address is incorrect, so you’ll need to do some background investigation.

  • A Message Sent to Too Many People

Apple does limit the number of recipients each email to a maximum of 500. Therefore, if you go over the limit, you can experience an iCloud email issue.

  • Too Many Recipients for Messages

Additionally, you are limited to 1,000 recipients. A 24-hour window and 1,000 email messages are the time limits. Message recipients who are not unique will do. There will be several recordings played over different messages. Whether you send 10 messages to 100 people or 1,000 messages to one person, it makes no difference.

  • Massive Attachment Size

An email message’s combined size, including text and attachments, is limited to a laughably meager 20MB. The documentation from Apple supports this. Apple Mail allows you to turn on Mail Drop. It stores temporary files up to 5GB in size per message using iCloud.


iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users are unable to access iCloud Email

Follow the recommendations below if you are having trouble sending or receiving emails on Apple devices.

  • Make sure your Internet connection is strong. Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch should launch Safari and open an page (your country).
  • Additionally, see if a Mac or PC may view emails from your iCloud email account. Please visit for the same.
  • Examine the Mail settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. By selecting Settings, your name, and iCloud, you can enable mail.
  • Verify that your gadget receives new data automatically. When using iOS 14 or later, turn on Push. By selecting Settings, you may achieve the same thing. Navigate to Mail, Accounts, and then Fetch New Data. On iOS 13 or older, select Settings, Passwords & Accounts, and then Fetch New Data to enable the Push option.
  • To make sure that the Push option is working properly, send yourself an email.
  • Push can be enabled by selecting your iCloud account in Fetch New Data. One account at a time can use the push option.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Disable the settings and restart your device if you still experience issues with iCloud email not working. Re-enable them after that.


On, iCloud Mail is not accessible.

The procedures below may be helpful if you are unable to access iCloud mail using

  • On, iPad, Mac, and PC users can access iCloud Mail. Use the Mail app on an iPhone instead.
  • Make sure your browser is up to date. Make sure you are using the most recent version of Safari.
  • Your browser’s cache should be cleared. Choose Safari. Then, go to Safari’s Preferences. Find the Advanced tab by navigating. By choosing “Show Develop menu in the menu bar,” close preferences. “Empty Caches” can be found under the Develop menu. Consult the help menu of your browser to find precise instructions.

If you are unable to get into your iCloud mail account, you won’t be able to receive new emails. To be more specific, you can experience a problem with an iCloud email. Invalid credentials and iCloud addresses are the main reasons of the same. The issues with iCloud email could also be caused by huge attachment sizes or by internet settings, among other things. Find out how to fix the problems.

Contact our iCloud email support specialists at any time if you continue to have iCloud email not working errors.


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