Outlook Email account compromised

If you think your Outlook account has been compromised, search for indications that your information has been compromised. To guarantee the security of your account, you should change your password and check your computer for viruses, even if there are no outward signs that it has been hacked.

  • Do a virus scan to confirm that your account was hacked.
  • If you discover any viruses, remove them and think about enhancing your computer’s protection.
  • If the hacker hasn’t changed your password yet, do so now.
  • To reduce the risk of future hacks, set up two-factor authentication.
  • Configuring 2FA For Your Microsoft Account
  • The Microsoft Authentication app must be used in order to set up two-factor authentication on your Microsoft account.
  • You must restore your compromised Outlook account.

For more information or any further support contact to the Outlook support team or contact us

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