Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Hotmail not syncing Issues: 


For Windows: Repair The Microsoft Client

* On your device, open the “Microsoft Account”
* Click on “File”. Here, you have to choose the “Account Settings” option, you can find this option in the Info” section.
* In the ” account settings” section, you need to choose your ” Hotmail email account” that is not syncing.

* Click the ” repair” button.Repair box bill shown on your screen, go to the settings section 

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For Android: Reset the email app

* On your Android device, go to the settings.

* Click the ” application”  option.

* Go to the ” all apps” section.
Look for the “Email&  email widget app”.

* Tap on it to open.
Click the ” force stop”  option.At last, click ” clear cache”, and reset the data settings”.

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