How to Unblock Email in Gmail

How to Unblock Email Address on Gmail on the Android Web?

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1.  Firstly, open the Gmail Android app on your phone.

2. When it opens, scroll down and locate a message from someone you want to unblock.

3. Open this message.Now, hit the button ‘Unblock Sender.’

4. Similar to unblocking a specific sender, just open the message if you want to block someone.

5. Next, tap the three vertical dots beside the sender’s name.Hit the ‘Block’ button.That’s it, now you know the steps to Gmail unblock email address on the web and mobile app.

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How to Quickly Unblock All Blocked Email Accounts on Gmail?

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1. Head to your Google account through a mobile or a browser.

2. Sign into it.After that, tap ‘Home.’Next, opt for the option ‘Protect your account.’

3. Now, you need to click ‘Gmail Settings.’After that, tap ‘Unblock all.’That’s it.

4. By following these instructions, you can unblock every email address in a few minutes.

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