Yahoo Mail Not Syncing On Android, iPhone – The Solution

Yahoo Mail Not Syncing On Android, iPhone - The Solution

If you are a frequent user of Yahoo Mail, you might be among those people who have their accounts synced on an iPhone or Android device. However, some users have reported a problem with the app not syncing email on these devices. Thankfully, it is an issue that has a simple solution we will get to in a moment.

How to Fix Can’t Sync Yahoo Mail Error?

Sync Yahoo Mail to Android Device

  • Ensure that the Android operating system is current.
  • Additionally, confirm that Yahoo Mail is operating correctly.
  • After that, you can try deleting app data and clearing the cache. Deleting unused files from the software
  • The programme is then stopped and restarted since it can immediately assist you.
  • Install Yahoo Mail many times.

Sync Yahoo Mail to iOS Device

  • Try out the identical procedures first as on Android.
  • Verify that WiFi is operating normally.
  • To guarantee a strong internet connection, make sure you are linked to an LTE network.

Sync Yahoo Mail to Windows Device

  • Your system or gadget must first have a quick and generally reliable Internet connection.
  • Then determine whether the Yahoo server is operating correctly or not.
  • Launch Windows Defender because it might be problematic.
  • Make sure Yahoo Mail has the sync option turned on.
  • You can attempt to fix the problem and add the account once more.


How Can I Move My Yahoo Mail Emails to an Android Device?

Maintaining a local duplicate of all your Yahoo emails is essential if you wish to move them to an Android smartphone. Once you have a local copy of your Yahoo emails, you can use a USB device to transfer it to your device’s storage.

Instant Fix: You may do so with the use of a specialized tool set that offers users a simple method to save copies of their Yahoo emails locally. The Yahoo Backup programme is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Users will only be prompted for their account login information. Users can choose to save their emails in more than 10 different file formats.


You can find the answer to a frequently asked question, Can’t Sync Yahoo Mail to Android or iOS Device, in the aforementioned page. To address and resolve the issue, we created some checks and balances. The article should live up to your expectations, I hope.


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