Zoho Mail Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Zoho Mail Common Issues and Troubleshooting | Email Support USA

Do you use Zoho and find yourself caught in between tasks? Do you have trouble with Zoho email? If so, all you have to do is read through this blog completely and look for the answers to the Zoho issues. A popular email service provider, Zoho boasts a great user interface and cutting-edge features that make it a favorite of most users. This, however, is insufficient to prevent any errors from occurring.

The fact that it occasionally malfunctions also doesn’t make it worse or a bad service to utilise. Any motive could be at play here. Similar to improper login attempts, there may be a number of reasons why users are unable to access their Zoho mail. Sometimes, Zoho is not alone because of unforeseen network risks that could affect any email client. However, Zoho offers a support staff that assists users in fixing similar problems.

You may also discover answers to some common issues in our blog, which will assist you in fixing any mistakes with Zoho mail. In order to fix some typical Zoho email not working issues, let’s move on to the solution section.

Common issues with Zoho Mail

  1. Unable to send mails with Zoho Mail

Users of Zoho are unable to fully access their accounts as a result of this problem. They are unable to send emails or respond to messages. They see an error notice that reads, “Problem in sending email when doing IO operation,” when they attempt to send the message.

The problem is complex, and clearing the cache and restarting the browser won’t fix it. Only until your Zoho mail receives a complete solution will it be fixed. As a result, we have provided the answer below; take a look.


This problem arises when an internal slack at the server causes the transmitting line to slow down or cease. As a result, the server rejects the message the client delivered, and this denial is made visible on the client’s screen. To address this problem quickly, you can ask an expert at Zoho Mail support for assistance. This error could be brought on by a mail sync failure, thus only a specialist can resolve it.

  1. Invalid Certificate Issue

You may be unable to send email due to this problem, and an invalid SSL certificate will be issued. Take a look at the example we provided below:

Although I’ve submitted emergency tickets, I’m desperate for specific responses as soon as feasible. I had the choice to restore two or three post boxes online by changing the approaching ports to 110 because I was receiving an incorrect SSL Certificate.


You only need to make a few changes to your Zoho Mail Settings if this problem arises and your Zoho SSL certificate displays an incorrect error. When an error like this occurs, you are unable to send emails, Zoho Mail stops functioning, and errors keep appearing. You must enable the POP account set up in Zoho Mail in order to fix the error. To do this, take the following actions:

Access Zoho mail.

Select Settings, Mail, and Mail Accounts.

Make your email account active (account of Hostgator server).

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