Zoho Mail Support Emails Missing

For any emails pertaining to business, we utilize Zoho. Our inbox had been completely empty for five days when all of the emails therein mysteriously vanished. The vanished emails cannot be found in spam, trash, archives, or any other place. Emails that were saved in different folders were kept. We received emails after the “disappearance,” but we are still unable to refer to or reply to emails that were in the inbox.

My business and I are both deeply saddened by this. I’m worried that I’ve lost clients because their emails “went missing” before I could react, and I’ve also misplaced a lot of crucial documents like order confirmations and product price lists that I had saved on purpose in my folders. The absence of Zoho support is much more upsetting.


Call US for Zoho Mail Support Emails Missing. We have been successfully delivering email services for our new and repeated clients.